The Purpose Of Education

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With education providing an avenue for social change and/or mobility the objective of education should be fixated on incrementing equality and character of an individual. Education has a two-fold function in life, and thus many people have a misunderstanding in light of educational procurement. The purpose of obtaining an education is to consolidate an upsurge of equality and character towards others, to help develop the ability to think critically without an exorbitant amount of emotions, and the maintainability of integrity and normal humankind. To commence with, educational acquirement should establish an increase of equality and character due to the fact that your character towards others verbalizes volumes about you as an individual. For elucidation purposes, Martin Luther King Jr manifests that “Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education” (King, 1946, The Purpose of Education). The maintainability of a firm character of an individual helps in the vigor of making socializing with others supplementarily illuminating as positive energy is reciprocated between the individuals. For example, during my days at work, my own personality, and character help me exhibit a positive character in conjunction with the radiation of positive vibes towards others. King further lectures that "If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts” (King, 1946, The Purpose of

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