The Purpose Of Government

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What is the Purpose of Government?
Government, the thing that makes our lives function everyday has countless roles they play in running a country. Some of these roles consist of listening to the citizens, providing safety and controlling the money aspect of the country. The purpose of government is to provide safety, control the money of the country and listen to the citizens because throughout history it has been proven that they have been the most crucial and effective parts of a government.
Throughout history the way of government has been perceived very differently, from John Locke to Adolf Hitler everyone has their own opinion of how government should work. John Locke said that government needs to provide services and offer protections which has been known as the social contract. (Why Government 1). Another philosopher, Thomas Hobbes also stated that he thought that one of the government's main purposes was to provide protection for the citizens' rights. (Why Government 2). Adolf Hitler's idea of government on the other hand was way more diverse than any other philosopher. His idea was to eliminate all Jews and communists from his country (Germany), then build up a military to try and restore Germany which required him to basically turn Germany into a dictatorship. (Nazi Germany).
From having a Military to having laws, one of the government's main purposes is to protect and ultimately keep the country safe. One way the
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