The Purpose Of Professional Public Relations

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Introduction For some people public relations is a very important, strategic element in the smooth and effective function of the company. As Baines, 2004 stated: “The purpose of professional public relations is to create understanding. It is unlike advertising, whose main aim is to generate awareness and sales, or propaganda, whose aim is to suggest what individuals should believe.” (Baines et al., 2004, p.6) Throughout my report I will be focusing on Pedigree company - one brand from the large corporate, giant Mars, Incorporated as well. I will be assessing how they use Public Relations techniques to present and manage their image and reputation as a large corporation. Pedigree is one of the world’s largest and the most recognizable dog food producer. Their products carry a wide range of different tastes. This ranges from dry to wet foods (canned to pouched) and is intended for puppies as well as adult dogs. The versatile of products give the opportunity to even the most demanding customer to help them find the perfect taste for their canine friend. PUBLIC RELATIONS TECHNIQUES As the dog food market grows, competition also grows for Pedigree. This is because many competitors and some unsatisfied customers will constantly try to ruin Pedigrees image in the public eye. Subsequently this pushes Pedigree to use PR techniques in order to help the company sustain a strong position in the market and help maintain a good growing image and reputation. In
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