The Purpose Of Religion In Public Schools

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Dalai Lama quoted “The purpose of religion is to control yourself, not to criticise others”. Religion, when displayed in the wrong ways, can create hate and barriers between nations; but how is that displayed wrong when everyone believes they’re right? Lack of communication, ignorance, and unwillingness to see with open eyes all contribute to how religion can be improperly presented to an audience. This is why I believe that students should learn about world religion in public schools because it builds self control and tolerance, it expands your cultural understanding, and religion played a major role in shaping our world’s history.
When two different religious individuals who are uneducated on the belief of the other arise in an argument as one may had said something in the wrong way or one is ignorant in his faith, hate can be produced and the two can become bitter enemies. However, this scuttle could have been avoided if those same two individuals would have been educated to accept the differences of the two religions and move on in a peace filled, insightful conversation. This could be achieved if schools allowed religion to be taught in classes. It would build self control and tolerance in the student that would enhance their
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One article called “Connecting with the Divine” states that there are 5 major religions in our world. If schools were allowed to teach about religion in classrooms students could have the opportunity to experience a taste of many other cultures that those religions are present in. Students would be able to learn about all the different holidays and special occasions that go one and possibly even have their own celebrations in class. Many kids don’t get the leisure to travel to where a religious festival would be held, but if they had the chance to savor a piece of these different cultures in class it would enhance their world around
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