The Purpose Of Research Design Essay

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Research Design Wanda Joy Connally Ohio Christian University November 21, 2016 The purpose of research design is to make certain that the information acquired allows one to consolidate the various elements of a study in a logical and comprehensive manner to effectively address a research problem. There are three types of research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research. Each of these methods possesses a different value, but despite the purpose of the research, the method is similar. The least understood type of company research is qualitative research. This type of research is used to aid in understanding or exploring an identified issue and/or concern with customers and/or users. Its value is to help companies understand the habits and emotions of customers and/or users in relationship to the company’s products. This, in turn, will help a company identify how or what determines the customer’s decision. These type of studies are based on one-on-one customer interviews. An example of qualitative research would be a department store that has more women shoppers than men. To find out why this is occurring the department store would interview a sample of potential men shoppers to determine why they are not patronizing their department store. Some of the reasons could be the store is not stocking enough products suitable for men, the store displays the image of a women’s store, and/or the store has all female employees which can be uncomfortable
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