The Purpose Of Study One Is To Demonstrate If There Was

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The purpose of study one is to demonstrate if there was an association between the times the young girls get their period and if they develop an eating disorder, body dimorphism or other psychological variables. The participant’s average age was 20 years old; they also took their height which averaged out to 5 '5 and their BMI which averaged out to 22.12. They also took into consideration their relationship status, their religion and their race. The second study demonstrated if there was an association of young girl’s perception of their bodies before they started puberty and developing eating disorders, body dimorphic or other psychological variables. Each participant was a volunteer and to keep it as unbiased as possible they were…show more content…
M., & Peterson, C. B., 2001). The article took a couple of ideas from its secondary sources in order to see change or altered them in ways were it would get a better more accurate result. Strengths The evidence within the study is completely unbiased and so the research is more reliable. The reason for the research being unbiased is because the ladies participating were not allowed to discuss what they were doing for an entire year and it was all anonymous and so there was no way for the individual 's conducting the study to be persuaded by the participants and vice versa. Another important element is that the participants could not influence other participants as well due to the fact that no one knew who else was involved in the study (Ackard, D. M., & Peterson, C. B., 2001). The outcomes were large and diverse which is another element in which it could be seen that this was unbiased and true. The size of the sample was quite large as well; study one had 267 participants and study two had 222 participants which aids in being able to get a stronger truth to the study and allows the study to be more reliable (Ackard, D. M., & Peterson, C. B., 2001). Finally, the instruments used to gather their data was clear and concise. It was evident that they did not leave any factors up for chance, they went into extreme detail. Weaknesses The article although it was extremely well written and had extremely strong points there was a few weaknesses for
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