The Purpose Of The Anatomy And Chemistry Of The Human Liver Lab

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The purpose of the Anatomy and Chemistry of the Human Liver Lab is to understand and observe the functions of the liver in the human body. Throughout the experimentation process, the goal of the lab was to recognize the function of the liver when the organ becomes exposed to hydrogen peroxide and be able to classify the chemical reactions that take place during the process. My original prediction, or hypothesis, is: if a section of a liver, accompanied by a catalase, is exposed to hydrogen peroxide then the chemical reaction that will occur will be decomposition and exothermic. During the experimental process, three trials were performed and recorded with equivalent amounts of chicken liver, weighing .55 grams each, while reacting in the same amounts of hydrogen peroxide,10 mL. Before performing our trials, we measured the constant temperature of the hydrogen peroxide, which was 23.7 degrees Celsius. The first trial began with a temperature of 23.6 degrees Celsius, and rose to a finishing temperature of 24.1 degrees Celsius. As for trial two, this experiment was performed the next day, and had a starting temperature of 24.6 degrees Celsius and ending temperature of 25.8 degrees Celsius. The third trial, also performed the next day, the starting temperature was also 24.6 degrees Celsius and the ending temperature was 26.3 degrees Celsius, measuring as the highest increase in temperature among the trials. The increase in temperature enabled the observation of energy in the

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