The Purpose Of The Article ‘Quorum-Sensing Regulation In

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The purpose of the article ‘Quorum-sensing regulation in staphylococci—an overview’ is to provide a better understanding of quorum-sensing regulation among staphylococci. Quorum sensing is one of the regulatory mechanism by which staphylococci regulates the gene expression in accordance with its population density and surrounding environment through the use of signal molecules during cell-to- cell communication. Such mechanism is important for the staphylococci pathogenesis, as it provides coordination and communication among the staphylococci for its group behavior. The regulation of Quorum sensing in staphylococci is primarily due to the Accessory gene regulator(agr) locus, a regulator that decreases the expression of several cell…show more content…
Aside from that, transcription of RNA III also encodes the translation of delta toxin (hld) by antisense base pairing with 5’ untranslated regions (5’UTRs), forming the RNA duplexes. RNA III is not only mechanism by which Agr controls target genes, recent studies show that AgrA also binds to the promoters controlling the expression of the phenol-soluble modulin alpha(PSMα) and beta (PSMβ) peptides, which also part of the staphylococcal peptide toxins family. It works by binding to the PSMα and PSMβ promoter sequences which upregulates the transcription of the operons. PSM has multiple roles in staphylococcal pathogenesis and contributes to a further extent to the pathogenic success virulent staphylococci, such as S.aureus. PSM, especially PSMα3 is a strongly pro-inflammatory, causes lysis of cells include leukocytes, erythrocytes, creates inflammatory responses and contributes to biofilm development. Due to the responsible for the biofilm formation and structuring, it also appears to play a role in commensal lifestyle of staphylococci where they promote growth and spreading of the bacteria on the epithelial cells. Lastly, the article points out that a potential correlation between quorum-sensing control of PSM genes
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