The Purpose Of The Feudal System

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The feudal system was able to function for over 800 years by controlling peoples bodies and minds. The peoples mind would be controlled by the church which had a strand of royalty. On the other hand the body was controlled by the king by starving and torturing people. the system was also a form that would never change people were born into what their parents were, kings were born into royalty and peasants were born into peasantry.
The way the feudal system would control the mind of so may people would be that the church would convince the people if they revolted against the king they revolted against god. They made them think this by saying that god chose this pass for the people he chose for the prince to be born into royalty and chose everybody's rolls. The church also had a large roll in the feudal system because the pope was known as gods representative which made people give their faith to the church. Along with that the church would help the king rule the kingdom. This is how the mind was set into the feudal system.
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In the sense of the body it represent on how they would they make them obey either by torture starvation etc.. Starvation was an easy to get people to obey because as the people get hungry the begin to bend to your will and will pledge there allegiance in order for a portion of food.torture was a method to show to other people not to revolt against the king or else they may get tortured such as getting sliced, hacked, burned and even getting disemboweled. All of these thing were used to prove the kings strength and to send fear to his people to not revolt against
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