The Purpose Of The Golden Purpose Essay

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A nice day to us; Dearest people, Filipino or not we are all family who give light in this world.
First of all when we hear the word Golden and Purpose what enters to our mind?
To understand this, let’s defined first the meaning of these two words, Base on Merriam
Webster, Golden is being very happy or success then Purpose is the aim or goal. Now we know the meaning of it, let’s elaborate it far in order to understand the true essence or message of the golden purpose that i am pertaining to all of you. I prepare some question to all of you i8n order to explain it properly, the question is What?, How?, When?, and the last is Where?. To all listeners and viewers I want your heart and mind to be one’s because I am
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What is the Golden Purpose that I am saying? Listeners with respect to your own opinion if you did not aware to the reality that happen to us, I want you to know that my aim is to share and acknowledge all of you to the true that sometimes cover by the lie, that’s why our world now is full of sin, suffering, discrimination, and not equal treat to people and also the crime like in our community sometimes crime is cove by the lie in order to be safe, listeners we should not always said that the government or being poor is the reason why we do bad thing like rubbery, killing, and being addict in the forbidden drugs. I know that you know it and you know that we are the one who suffering it, but we could not always blame to other what the mistake that we have done, we should confront it in order to a good communication with our neighbours and God. It is obviously that the Golden purpose is the value that I wish rise again and be priority first to heal the wound in our heart and mind and to know how to forgive…show more content…
How we can do that or how we can achieve that? Again listeners the only aim of this goal is to value the people like us, saw how? There are many way to value our self and others like Education they said that “Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world.” By means of that saying we need to be educated in order to be a good person and to understand the little things that sometimes we throw without regret. But not only to be educated is the way to commit with a good value because listeners even child non know how to do bad things, did you know that some people who are not educated is the one who know the good values and the one who respect others like my grandfather and grandmother even though they did not step their foot in school still they teach me to be a good person. Listeners we need to save the only wealth that we can have even though without money, because money is not the basis of a good life nor it’s the
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