The Purpose Of The Great Gatsby

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Throughout the many years I’ve attended classes, I’ve always been taught to find the purpose of the writing or the theme of the literature. Much like Francine Prose,whose aptly named, I disagree with this method of thought and teaching. Breaking down complicated works of art to an easy-to-understand sentence takes away from the author’s intent.
When Fitzgerald sat down to write The Great Gatsby, he wasn’t writing to teach one simple message of “don’t hold on to the past” or “that the american dream is false.” While these are all viable purposes and themes, they undermine all the other themes, it’s also an oversimplification of a very complicated book full of complicated characters with complicated lives and complicated thoughts and complicated issues in a complicated world. This narrow minded way of teaching also diverts from the amazing imagery and beautiful metaphors. While purpose is very important, it’s definitely taught wrong. Throughout school, I’ve been told that themes should be one sentence, but how do I take a book like Catcher in the Rye and break it down to one sentence. I could say, “It’s about growing up and becoming an adult,” which I think is completely
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He took a great book and made it into a pretentious project about “walking in someone else’s shoes.” I hated this project. It was dumb. I also hate how much he and the rest of the world over glorified Atticus Finch. Everyone makes him out to be this great hero who fights for an african american, when no one else will. Really, he was just a guy doing a job he was payed to do. He probably isn’t racist, unless we believe Go Set a Watchman, but it doesn’t mean he was doing some amazing act. If you ask me, he was just doing his job. Anyway, we take an amazing art work and turn into something as simple as “walk in the others people’s shoes,” we completely undermine the complexity of the
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