The Purpose Of The Interpersonal Communication Competence

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The purpose of the Interpersonal Communication Competence Assessment is to educate individuals on his or her ability to adapt to certain communicative situations across different contexts, utilize conversational skills, manage conversations, empathize with others, speak effectively, and have appropriate conversations. This assessment asked me questions that really allowed me to take a step out of my body and thoroughly examine my communication from the outside in. I learned about the types of communication with which I struggle as well as the ones in which I exceed. It specifically taught me about my lack of conversational management, my expertise with appropriateness, my ability to empathize with others, my room to improve in…show more content…
With all do respect, I am requesting I receive a raise, or else I am going to be forced to find a new job. I love this company, and would really like to continue you here, so I hope we can work something out.” He replied, “Of course! Money has been tight, but you are a great employee and deserve a raise, because we cannot stand to lose someone like you.” After this interaction, I received a one dollar raise, and was very pleased. Overall, effectiveness is one of my upcoming strengths when it comes to interpersonal communication.
Your ability to correspond your communication to the situational, cultural, and relational expectations of how communication should correctly be conveyed is appropriateness (McCornack, 2016). I am exceptional when it comes to this area, scoring a 15 out of 15 on the Interpersonal Communication Competency scale. I believe I learned this from how my mother taught me to speak and by other people’s reactions throughout life. My mother taught me to always be polite to and respect those in authority over you. She also taught me that with your friends it is okay to let loose, but it is never appropriate to use bad language. Throughout life, I also noticed people’s reactions. If I said something and the other person was offended, I knew not to say those types of things again around them. Due
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