The Purpose Of This Assignment Is To Show My Understanding

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The purpose of this assignment is to show my understanding of the history of Aotearoa New Zealand, its broader practice, Oceania origins and later settlement experiences. Indignity means the ancestor, the culture, the language, and the land where sending original people onto the land. There are approximately 370 million indigenous people in this world according to Cultural Survival (2017). Every group is entitled to their own way of life, their traditional lands and resources but still throughout their history their rights have been violated and taken away. They all share similar experiences such as their land being confiscated, discrimination, poverty, endangered culture or loss of language. Indigenous people have endured much to preserve…show more content…
To have an understanding of the Māori perspective, you must understand the ecosystems of the Māori language translation and whakapapa. Indigenous Māori has lived in the local tribal areas where ancestry (whakapapa) connects the Māori people together with nature and spiritual environment. Māori creation story about Ranginui (the sky father) and Papatuanuku (the earth mother) shows that Māori are strongly connected with land because we are all children of Papatuanuku, all being the same member of the family. Māori people use the word Tangata Whenua which is identified as the "people of the land" to describe themselves in a way that their relationship with a particular area of the land is very important and sacred to them. If their land was confiscated, they will lose that spirituality connection and bond they have with that land. The Māori have been indigenous to New Zealand since the 13th century and to this day there are still indigenous. They are one of the few people that withstood and were successful in keeping their traditions. According to the Evolution of Contemporary Maori Protest (n.d.), the Māori political activist has fought against many problems in history time such as the rights movement of Māori land, anti-racism, and so on. To this day, the Māori people are relentlessly standing strong as a community with their culture and impacting the way Māori establish tribal
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