The Purpose Of This Paper Is To State My Personal Mission

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The purpose of this paper is to state my personal mission and how it relates to my nursing care as an RN. I have learnt from my sixteen years of experience as an RN, the importance of educating the patients and taking some time to interact with them and their family members. It helps in creating a trustworthy relationship with the patients and their family members. I will explain my interpretation of the Vanguard University’s mission statement and how it may incorporate into my professional practice. I will provide an example of how my nursing care aligned with my personal mission statement as a nurse. As a Registered Nurse, my personal mission is to provide a high-quality patient care with compassion, respect and excellent service. When…show more content…
I have learnt about their norms, values and beliefs in the Cultural Competency class. It has definitely enriched my knowledge to become a culturally competent nurse. I believe that the core of nursing is knowledge, caring, and compassion. Advocating for my patients and their family, treating my patients with respect and dignity is very important to me. Nursing is a lifelong learning process. Over the next three years, I will pursue my knowledge in getting the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) Certificate. Vanguard’s mission statement is “equipping each student for a spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service”. Vanguard wants to pursue knowledge, build character, and empower each student with a strong faith and guide them to take the leadership path which is Christ-centered. They will carry the spirit of Christ-centered leadership with them, wherever they go. Although I am from a different faith, as a Nursing student at Vanguard, I have listened to the reflections from the Bible read by the Professors at the beginning of each class. I found similarities of the lessons in my religious teachings, too. It is the same teachings like compassionate care, show love and provide healing touch to the vulnerable and sick people. I work in the Providence Little Company of Mary Hospital in San Pedro. It is a Christian based hospital and starts every morning at 8 am with prayers and verses read from the Bible. They announce through an

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