The Purpose Of This Quantitative Study Was To Determine

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The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine incongruities of perception regarding principal leadership styles by comparing elementary and secondary principal self-assessments to assessments by both elementary and secondary faculty and staffs. Principals from both the elementary and secondary setting completed the Vannsimpco Leadership Survey as a self-assessment of their leadership styles. Additionally, the subordinates of these principals completed the same survey assessing the principals’ leadership styles. Upon completion, an analysis of the data determined if there was a statistically significant difference between the leaders’ self-assessments and the assessments by colleagues as it related to the leadership styles…show more content…
A total of 226 participants responded to the survey questions. Of the 226 respondents, 196 or 87% identified themselves as faculty or staff. Thirty or 13% of participants identified themselves as administrators. One hundred thirty-eight or 61% of respondents identified themselves as working in the elementary setting while 88 or 39% identified themselves as working in the secondary setting. Of the 30 administrators, they were evenly divided between the elementary and secondary settings. Therefore, fifteen identified themselves as working in a secondary setting with the other 15 identified as working in a primary, elementary or middle school. Of faculty and staff, 123 or 63% identified themselves as working in the elementary setting with the other 73 or 37% identified as working in the secondary setting. Data collected from the faculty and staff group were compared to the same survey data from administrators. Next, data was compared with elementary to secondary for both faculty and staff to that of administrators in both elementary and secondary. Additionally, data from elementary to secondary administrators were compared to one another, as well as, data from elementary to secondary faculty and staff. As the survey was online, the research setting was the K-12 setting in the participants’ respective divisions.

Data Collection
The data
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