The Purpose and Functioning of Vessel Traffic Services

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Introduction The vessel traffic services (VTS) that help keep the seas safe and orderly is an interesting grouping of ideas, procedures and equipment. The purpose of this essay is to describe the VTS and how it incorporates its fundamental concepts within its actions. The essay will first describe the technical equipment that is usually associated with VTS. Next, this writing will discuss the specific services that VTS uses in its methods and principles. The following section will discuss the training and qualifications that are mandated with most VTS systems. Finally a case study of an accident associated with VTS will be discussed to highlight the importance of this base of knowledge and its practical applicability to real world situations. Purpose of the VTS According to the IALA " at its simplest, the main objectives of a VTS are to: 路 aid the mariner in the safe use of navigable waterways; 路 afford unhindered access to pursue commercial and leisure activities and 路 contribute to keeping the seas and adjacent environment free from pollution. Experience shows that, in general, these ideals are subject to potentially greater and more intense risks in coastal waters particularly at shipping congestion points and at the interface with ports and estuaries. The benefits derived from VTS can be of considerable value and, when properly implemented, outweigh the costs of provision." Technical Equipment With such a wide arrangement of duties and responsibilities, VTS

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