The Purpose of Action Research in Schools Essay

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Action research is a research process that is reflective in nature and typically conducted in school settings. These types of research enables professionals in school settings to collaborate on the components of a study, and allows them to search for solutions to the common everyday challenges that educators experience in schools (Ferrance, 2000). Educators can use the process of reflection through action research to better understand their work and build professional knowledge as they strive for continuous improvement (Brown, 2002). Although action research has received some attention from school review boards regarding ethical concerns associated with policies and procedures when conducting these studies, these types of research allow …show more content…
Professionals begin by determining a problem and focus area. For example, problems that may require improvement may involve the school setting, curriculum, student academic progress, or instruction. School professionals must then describe the elements entailed in that area of focus, develop questions, describe intervention or modification implementations, produce timelines for implementation of interventions or modifications, identify the participants of the action research group, and provide a list of resources to put the plan into action. The individuals implementing the action research must then describe the data that will be gathered, develop a plan for data collection and analyses, choose the appropriate instruments for analysis, implement the plan, and record the results (Donato, 2003). Although an individual teacher can conduct these research studies, it is common for groups of teachers in the school setting to work with other teachers, as well as administrators, and other school specialists. Many times the study can be taken on by an entire school or an entire school district to solve a common problem (Ferrance, 2000). An action research undertaken by one individual teacher often focuses on one issue in the classroom. The classroom teacher may be looking for solutions to improve classroom management, instructional materials, or

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