The Purpose of Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Cross-cultural psychology Cultural psychology concerns itself with the significant links or connections that there are between the psychology of individuals within a culture and their psychology. Cultural psychology emphasizes on the relevance of human behavior to understanding the psychology of the individual if only the sociocultural setting and context in which the behavior occurs. One good instance of this is the way religious views about extramarital activities shapes the behavior and the attitudes of the married people in a given religion or country. In a nutshell, the cultural psychology concentrates on the whether, when and how people growing up in given cultures tend to internalize the culture. It tends to emphasize on the fact that the mental processes are the product of the interaction between an individual and a culture. There is a wide variation in the way people live in different places, this variation may therefore dictate the human actions as well as mental sets both of which are viewed to be different from one group to another. It is these similarities and the differences that are portrayed by the various groups that are studied by cross-cultural psychology. Cross-cultural psychology is therefore defined by Shiraev and Levy (2010) as "is the critical and comparative study of cultural effects on human psychology". The definition emphasizes on two facts; critical and comparative. This means that the study goes beyond the surface observation of a
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