The Purpose of Dreaming While Asleep

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Dreams are a sequence of images, emotions, and thoughts passing through a sleeping person’s mind. In our dreams we can portray ourselves as anything, we can go anywhere and do anything. There are many types of dreaming methods such as, daydreams, recurring dreams, nightmares, epic dreams, prophetic dreams, and lucid dreams and so on. You spend six years of your life dreaming. There are five reasons why we dream: so we can satisfy our wishes, to file away memories, to develop and preserve neural pathways, to make sense of neural static, and to reflect cognitive development. We satisfy our wishes through dreaming. Dreams present a psychic protection valve that releases otherwise unacceptable feelings. If dreams are symbolic they…show more content…
Many sleepers use lucid dreaming to overcome phobias, improve their sports game, fulfill their fantasies or solve a problem in their waking life or anything you want to fulfill. Lucid dreaming is limited only to your thoughts. It helps you envisage and go over an occasion in your mind before it occurs in reality. Lucid dreams help conquer fears and anxieties. Many sleepers have had one lucid dream in their lifetime; most of them have lucid dreams without even trying. In the film, “Vanilla Sky” the character David Aames played by Tom Cruise is a wealthy bachelor. David meets a young girl named Sofia at his house party. David fell in love with Sofia but was also being watched by a possessive jilted lover named Julie. Julie convinces David to take a ride with her in her car and expresses her feelings for David didn’t feel the same towards Julie, so she attempted to commit suicide with David and drove off a bridge. David survived the car crash, but Julie didn’t. David received a reconstructed face was prescribed medication for his pains. David rendezvous with Sofia and realizes his life is heading back in the right direction. A strange man kept appearing in David’s dreams and was always being reminded that he can control his own dreams. David would have dates with Sofia but sometimes he would hallucinate and see Julie instead of Sofia. David became furious of seeing Julie, and suffocated her then realizing it was Sofia he killed. His guilt over

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