The Purpose of Dreams

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Dreams are a very ponderous things. Simply saying, dreams are a stream of images, sounds, and the actions of something; like a movie. But never have dreams been able to be explained. The Greeks and Romans claimed that dreams were signs from their gods and had prophetic magic ( Even though the purpose of dreams has not been discovered, a huge movement in the study of dreams occurred at the end of the nineteenth century. In 1952, scientists in Chicago discovered electrical readings during a certain stage of sleep. When woken up in this stage, people almost always remember their dreams. This stage is the only stage of sleep where we dream, and it is known as the REM stage ( During the…show more content…
But dreams are a kind of "temporary storage" area of consciousness, a spot where we hold memories before we move them from short-term to long- term storage. They flash through our minds as dreams before we store them away in the files of our memory." (10 theories that explain why we dream) The next theory is referred to as "garbage collection". This states that we only dream to organize and get rid of unwanted ideas or memories. Now this is the main focus of many theories, but with other details. This theory just focuses on removing unwanted memories. This theory also states that we forget our dreams because we are looking though our memories and then discarding them. So basically, our dreams are a replay of our memories. (10 theories that explain why we dream) Now this next theory is the exact opposite of the last. It is known as "reviewing what we know". This idea of why we dream says that dreams are a way for our brain to review what we've learned. This theory is based off of the research that proves that after taught something and the patients sleep, they can remember and are better at what they were taught. (10 theories that explain why we dream) The next theory is a simple idea, with little information to prove it. In this theory it is believed that we dream as a way to “play dead”. The brain acts as if awake, but isn't. People who study this theory believe that since
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