The Purpose of Having Website Designers Essay

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Technology is constantly changing, and the need for websites, whether for personal, social, marketing, branding, or online store purposes, web designers are in high demand. In response to the constant change, web designers must keep up with the fast paced industry. Background skills in programs like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash are needed, as well as, web languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Some skills needed for this career include, effective use of color, an understanding of code hierarchy, and project management.
The purpose of having web designers is to maintain online communities and provide sites for businesses and organizations. With these websites, the businesses and organizations can extend their reach beyond their local communities and interact with a larger, and more diverse customer base. Not only do websites help create more business, they eliminate the need for extra expenses such as printing of advertisements. (How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Having a Website) The design makes an impression on the customers because if you have a nice, clean easy to navigate website, the likelihood of someone coming back to that site a second time is extremely high, which in turn helps your business. Another reason web designers are in high demand is because of the ever booming mobile economy. Everyone today has a smart phone and they are looking to get fast access to mobile sites which web designers can provide for them.
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