The Purpose of Prison

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The Purpose of Prison
Robert Lingo
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March 2nd, 2012

The Purpose of Prison
Not everyone is model citizens within a society. Individuals cheat people out of money, murder, rob, and rape others within society. When people commit crime against others and not stay within the law they must be punished. This research paper will discuss the purposes for prisons, and analyze conditions of prison. There are programs in prison and out of prison to try to reduce an individual from returning to prison. The ultimate goal is to teach an individual right from wrong and rehabilitate an offender back into society, another goal of prison is to incapacitate the individual so they cannot hurt anyone.
The purpose of prison is to punish
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I feel the U.S. have the best conditions for prisons than anywhere in the world. “In other countries an offender may not go to trial for over three years” (Young 2009).
Educational programs are implemented into prison to reduce or completely stop recidivism. These programs work if the individual is willing. “One of the possible explanations the program might not work is that while the programs can teach the skills necessary for employment, they cannot teach the attitudes necessary for successful employment” (Pollock 2006). Even though an individual possess and have been taught the skill required by certain jobs it is up to the individual to change their life for the better. There would not even be a chance if these programs were not in place, and there would be more repeat offenders returning back to jail and prison. There have been more favorable results when individuals enter into college programs, but an individual has to go through the general education program or possess a G.E.D before going forward into a college program. Those that “completed the community college program were found to have a 26.4% recidivism rate, while a similar group of non-college graduates were found to have a recidivism rate of 44.6%” (Pollock, p.150). The public in society have a problem with prisoners getting a college

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