The Purpose of Prisons Essay

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The Purpose of Prisons In prisons today, rehabilitation, deterrence, incapacitation, and retribution are all elements that provide a justice to society. Prisons effectively do their part in seeing that one if not more of these elements are met and successfully done. If it were not for these elements, than what would a prison be good for? It is highly debated upon whether or not these elements are done properly. It is a fact that these are and a fact that throughout the remainder of time these will be a successful part of prison life. When a prisoner enters a prison, it is presumed he is guilty of the crime he was charged with. If this is true, the prison has an obligation to do something about this criminal. They are not going…show more content…
This is proof that the prisons are doing their job in rehabilitating prisoners. Prisons not only rehabilitate, but they also deter people from going to prison. The fear of going to prison is a great deterrence for a perspective criminal. Hard life styles along with loss of freedom tend to push the criminal away from the chance of being incarcerated. Numbers show that there are fewer rapes, and fewer murders, each year, all an obvious product of prison deterrence. After all, if a person has a friend who just got out of jail, and hears all of the war stories, that person would surely not want to go to prison and end up like his friend. By making life in prison hard, the prison is doing a great job in getting the word out. Prison is no joke! They are doing their job in deterring criminals from wanting to enter the gates of hell. For those people who are not deterred, they are punished accordingly. They are removed from the street and placed in a tiny cell, usually with two people in it. There time for freedom is long gone, and they live the life of prisoners under prison law. The prison sees to it that no longer will the criminal be able to rein terror on the community because they are locked behind bars. The prison does a great job incapacitating criminals by striping them of their freedom and their liberty. The public is now safe of these criminals all because the prison does its job accordingly.
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