The Purpose of Propaganda in Today's Society

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Propaganda in today’s society serves the same purpose as it did many years ago, and that purpose is to promote a fitting solution to a problem or to sell an idea or item. There are various types of propaganda in the world. The main way that propaganda is advertised would be the media. Whether it be television, newspapers, radio etc . the “promoter”advertiser will always find a way to promote their idea or product. You also have seven basic sections or types of propaganda; transfer, testimonial, glittering generalities, plain folks, bandwagon, name calling and card stacking. Each of these is used in propaganda whether it is current and modern art forms such as Nike™ commercials or from 100 years ago in political cartoons. Each of the seven types of propaganda differs and is unique in their its own way. Propaganda is, has always been, and shall continue to be, a huge part of the advertising world of society. Transfer is a type of propaganda in which the media utilizes a person or object that people find good-natured or intriguing, and they associate the person or object with a product. In this form of propaganda, symbols are constantly being utilized. Most political campaign promotion posters contain the transfer category. Some ads such as icy hot and cleaning products use well known people or well-known people’s names to promote their product. Take Shaquille O’Neal’s commercials for the Icy Hot patches for example. People pay attention to the ad because they see that
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