The Purpose of a Cancer Registry

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What exactly is the purpose of a cancer registry? What does a Cancer Registrar do? In this paper I will highlight the aspects of what a cancer registry is, what it entails and what a cancer registrar’s workflow consists of. I had the opportunity to complete my field study at AMG Long Term Acute Care Hospital which is located on the 8th floor in the North tower of IU Ball Memorial Hospital. While at AMG I had the chance to see firsthand how both AMG and IU Ball Memorial handle their cancer registry and learn what it was all about. First let’s cover what exactly a cancer registry is. “The purpose of a cancer registry is to provide documentation of cancer care. Most knowledge about cancer has been obtained through registries.” (Gress) A cancer registry basically takes and inputs all the cases of cancer that are reported, along with treatments and the results of those treatments. Why though do they do this you may ask? Well without all of this information we might know the most effective way to treat a certain type of cancer, if the treatment is working and how that treatment is affecting the patient, so they can then see if they need to make changes. Some questions that might be answered by compiling all of this information is: “Are more or fewer people getting colon cancer this year compared to last year? Is there a certain area of the state where women are finding out they have breast cancer at a late stage, when it's harder to treat? What groups of people are most likely
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