The Pursuit Of A Cure For Alzheimer's

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“Please welcome to the stage, Dr. Jessyca Naegele!”
The crowd erupts in applause as I enter the stage to take my place behind the podium. It seems inexplicable to be the one on this stage instead of member of the crowd, even though it has been ten years since I was a student. It feels like yesterday that I was a freshman walking around the campus at Oklahoma State, wondering what I would do next. I was content to ignore the student loan debt I was accumulating each year. I remember staying up late into the night dreaming and stressing about what my life would become. I didn’t imagine I would be on this stage, talking to students about my success. I didn’t dare aspire to return one day as an author with the honor of presenting my published research.
In the time since earning my masters’ degree, I have been employed at a cognitive neuroscience company conducting research in the pursuit of a cure for Alzheimer’s. I began as an assistant, but advanced to become the leader of the research team. Ultimately, our efforts were successful and we identified a potential cure. Although it is still in its early stages, we believe it is an authentic approach and will put an end to this horrific disease.
I began the speech that I had rehearsed a thousand times into my mirror. I watched as the students hung on my every word. Their expressions changed just as my parents had when I practiced my speech for them earlier. I could tell that I was inspiring and engaging each person in the
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