The Pursuit Of A Goal By A Minority Oppressed By The Majority

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In the pursuit of a goal by a minority being oppressed by the majority, the only way to obtain results is through utter unity of the people affected by oppression. Through the rise of the United States, the hate towards the non white races has always veered it ugly head. No matter how far the country rises through the ranks of supremacy over the rest of the world, it continues to fail to fix the problem of inequality deeply rooted in its society. The continuous failure forced the non white races to take extreme actions against the government in order to gain the equality that they believe is their due rights. The pursuit for utter equality for all people, no matter their specifications, has led to bloodshed but, using the power and influence of utter unity, change in society over the lifetime of the United States. From peaceful protest to full out scrimmages with the government, people that seek full equality have tried a multitude of rebellious strategies in order to work towards the goal. Every major non white racial group have tried to achieve the goal of equality with methods, some similar to each other while others were unorthodox. Though every racial group had their personal goals, many of these goals were very similar. The search for equality by the people of the United States is highlighted by the amount of effort and sacrifice given in its pursuit.
Though all racial groups had their own unique methods of protesting for equality, many groups used the same kind of

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