The Pursuit Of An Msw

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. The pursuit of an MSW has been a passion of mine and is a direct result of my personal experience during the past few years, as well as my inner desire to make a difference in people’s lives. More specifically, I would like to further my knowledge and experiences in the field of Social Work by having a focus on advanced generalist social work with an emphasis on medical social work. Once I have earned my MSW, I am interested in working in a hospital/hospice setting. My goal is to pursue working with individuals and families in a time of medical crisis, with a result of improving their quality of life in a hospital setting and upon discharge from medical care. My dedication to social work began during high school, at which time I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the social service field. I have been fortunate enough to have some experience with the Children and Family subfield of social work. Growing up in Orange County, I was exposed to a variety of individuals that either excelled in life, or lived within the margins of society. Observing the separation in society, as well as the marginalized individuals really enhanced my desire to meet people in their time of need. As an adult, my personal experiences have only intensified my aspiration to further my career as I have worked on an individual level with compassionate hospice workers as well as supportive medical social workers. They are my role models and my inspiration to take this next step in my career…
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