The Pursuit Of Happiness By Chris Gardner Essay

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The Pursuit of Happiness is a movie about a single African American father named Chris Gardner, who was evicted from his apartment in San Francisco, and him and his son have nowhere to go. Chris is an intern as a stockbroker unfortunately this position pays no money. These two face many challenges together as they live in shelters and face the hardships of life as anything and everything gets thrown their way. However, Chris refuses to give up as he struggles to make a better life for him and his son. According to Macinois (Macionis, 2017), family violence involves “emotional, physical, or sexual abuse of one family member by another” (p. 642). Chris’s wife is being in lack of terms a bitch towards him because he hasn’t sold any of his bone density machines. Once he explained what happened throughout his day she didn’t want to hear what he had to say. She’s been bringing him down ever since he signed himself into the company that doesn’t result in a good paying pay check. She doesn’t show any emotional relation to him they hardly act as a couple let alone seem close. She pays no attention to him she displays emotional abuse towards him by making him feel like he is a worthless father and husband. In reference to Macinois (Macionis, 2017), gender roles involve “attitudes and activities that society links to each sex” (p. 91). In society, we have gender roles males are usually the tougher and the figures of the family while the mother is the nurturing one. Unfortunately,
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