The Pursuit Of Happiness By Thomas Paine And Declaration Of Independence

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Pursuit of Happiness In one’s life, change in daily routine is always difficult to adjust whether it is good change or bad change. According to the human nature, “good change” is always something where he or she is move ahead in life for better and where there is positive gain coming. A “bad change” is where one have to forcefully or unwillingly move ahead in life and where there is no gain or possible loss. When bad changes become unbearable and unfair, it starts revolution. Common Sense by Thomas Paine and Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson plays major contribution in American Revolution which made common men realize true color of selfish and unfair monarchy system of Britain. A revolution occurs when a king or government is misusing their power and mistreating their people. American Revolution was a little different in which the king of England did not mistreat the colonist at first. King George III loved the colonies as much as he loved England. After the French and Indian War, England had a lot of war debt and they were having a hard time paying the debt with tax revenue that they were getting. The colonist saw all the taxes impose upon them they got tired of it and decided the they want independence from the Great Britain. According to Thomas Paine, Society is everything good that people do and that we would not need government if everyone was good to each other. Government is like “necessary evil” it is only needed when they have to suppress the evil in
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