The Pursuit Of Happiness, By Will Smith And Jaden Smith

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James Truslow Adams (1931), in his book “The Epic of America”, state that the American Dream is that dream of land ownership where individual should be wealth to sustain him. According to (Freese 6), American Dream is that vision that every individual struggle to achieve his or her personal dream. It is brought about by the ability of an individual to achieve greatness from difficult while supporting other Americans. The dream is not about high wages or the motor cars, but the Dream of acquiring a high social order. Both genders would be able to acquire fullest stature that they innately accomplished (Cafferty 221). In the movie, the "pursuit of happiness" by Will Smith and Jaden Smith shows how Chris Gardner’s strives while homelessness for one year. The movie site Will Smith as Chris, who is a salesman and the Jaden son of Smith as a co-star. The movies define how the people struggled in American Achieve their desired dreams.
The American Dream is the conviction of the US-American Society that every individual can achieve, through persevering and quality of awareness, accomplish everything (Cafferty 221). In regard to Pursuit for happiness movie, Gardner had the quality and commitment to do what he needed to accomplish for his American dream. In the risk of losing his wife and the lots of his money and with one and the only machine to offer he didn 't surrender. He did what he needed to do. Chris lost his spot to live; he had to outgo, and he didn 't know where he and his…

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