The Pursuit Of Happiness Character Analysis

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The Struggle life of Chris Gardner The film “The Pursuit of Happiness,” rated PG-13 is based on real history where Chris Gardner (Will Smith) invests all his savings in medical scanners that he wants to sell to doctors and hospitals, but they are too expensive that doctors and hospitals consider them unnecessary. Garden is financially unstable, causing his wife Linda (Thandie Newton) to leave Gardner and their son Christopher (Jaden Smith) to work in New York. Gardner knows Jay Twistle (Brian Howe) who works in the company Gardner would like to work with. Twistle sets up an interview for Gardner. While Gardner is working with the company’s internship program called Powerful Stock Brokerage Firm, which is an unpaid job, it leads Gardner to financial problems which in turn, causes him and his son to be homeless. With all that stress from working hard, being homeless, and having his son to take care of, Gardner pushes through it — landing a job in the company where eventually he became very wealthy. “The pursuit of Happiness” offers hope to viewers to follow their dreams and not give up, no matter what situations they are going through. Throughout the film, Gardner portrays hope to keep going in order to show his son that anything is possible. According to Belinda Elliott from CBN in her review, she states “the movie is not a feel-good picture that will leave you with the warm fuzziest” because according to her “we never get to see much of the joy that comes from Gardner’s
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