The Pursuit Of Higher Education Does Not Simply Present

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The pursuit of higher education does not simply present itself as an entryway to promising careers—it is an academic journey that augments the life of those who choose to walk through, by being imparted with teachings and actualities that are pertinent in daily life experiences. My involvement at the University of Maryland University College and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center have brought me closer to this achievement while simultaneously instilling knowledge garnered through my learning experience.
Cultivating my understanding of psychology regarding its historical transformations, applied research methods, significance of ethics, and statistical relevance will undoubtedly
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It enhances my ability to comprehend major theoretical viewpoints within the empirical findings of personality. Here we explored past theories from Freud to Rogers and the significance of biological perspectives.
This Summer, I will begin the military track into my Masters of Clinical Psychology, where I will focus on counseling with a concentration in military psychology. The information I received about mental disorders has provided me a strong foundation for the graduate program, especially on advance courses like psychopathology and psychological trauma. I understand that This had also readied me for the required internship program, when seeing patients with mental health issues. One particular study that provided a great deal of influence was Carl Rogers’ “The Person-Centered Approach”. He tailors the approach to the humanistic model of care that we provide in my current occupation that sparked my desire to promote growth in others. Rogers defines the person-centered approach as showing unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding (Rogers, 2001).
I ventured through the deep history of psychology within the curriculum of Clinical Psychology before tackling more of the practical implications. It was significant to understand the roots of the practice in which I wish to pursue to better understand the transformations it has undergone. Being in the military service and devoted to

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