The Pursuit Of Holiness By Jeff Bridges

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Did you ever wonder what it truly means to be holy? Jeff Bridges, a bestselling author, wrote a book called The Pursuit of Holiness that explains just about everything you need to know about being holy and God’s holiness. Bridges believes that holiness is something that Christians often have trouble including in their life on a day-to-day basis. He speculates that the reason we have so much trouble with applying holiness to our lives is because we struggle in identifying what we have to do in order to be holy in the eyes of God. Bridges tackles this concept and breaks down the things that you can apply and remove from your life to pursue holiness.
Without a doubt, God created us with an image in mind that we would spread the Kingdom of God across all nations and impact others with our actions and personality. Bridges uses an analogy to introduce us to the idea of being dependent on God. He explains how a farmer puts in hard work and a lot of time into a garden, even though he knows that he is entirely dependent on outside forces such as rain and sunshine. He can’t control these things, yet he is still trusting that they will come and make his garden flourish. Bridges also makes it known that he believes that holiness is not something that we can ever fully obtain. It is a process that takes continual effort.
There are no exceptions to God’s call for holiness in the lives of Christians. The reason that we are called to live a holy life is because God, Himself, is…

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