The Pursuit Of Ignorance Strong Response

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The Pursuit of Ignorance Strong Response In the TED talk, “The Pursuit of Ignorance,” Stuart Firestein makes the argument that there is this great misconception in the way that we study science. He describes the way we view the process of science today as, "a very well-ordered mechanism for understanding the world, for gaining facts, for gaining data." (Firestein 0:11 and 18:23) Although Firestein provides a convincing argument that modern science processes rely too much on facts instead of ignorance and new discovery, he fails to provide strong evidence that it should instead focus solely on the pursuit of ignorance.
Firestein goes on to quote many highly acclaimed scientists in order to propose that the whole pursuit of knowledge has
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He also does a very good job of establishing his credibility through explaining his career and observations as a professor and scientist. However, many of his actual arguments are based off of assumptions and almost none on cold hard facts. One example is when he mentions the education system and its effect on how interested students are in science. How can this be proved? He assumes that all children’s schools must have been, “beating any interest in science out of everybody’s head,” when in fact the children might just have other interests. He goes on to blame the way students are taught and, “the bulimic method of education,” which is actually quite interesting. (Firestein 0:11 and 18:23) He describes it as the school system jamming a bunch of facts down student’s throats and then having them regurgitate them on an exam, only for them to forget the information just after. This is what Firestein uses to explain why children become uninterested in science and lack the ability to ask new uncharted questions. This may be true, but if this cliché view of the education system is solely to blame, then why could that not be said about all subjects? Children are always curious and inquisitive, just as they are always willing to learn and
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