The Pursuit Of Leadership : An Essential Skill Of Today's Leader

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The Pursuit of Leadership The quality of pursuit as an essential skill of today’s leader is often overlooked. Leaders are taught to communicate well and be authentic. They are encouraged to be caring individuals and fair to employees. But how often are they coached and inspired in the actual pursuit of leadership? According to Gregory Morris, “potential leaders may be born, but effective leaders are made” (p.28).In today’s ever changing world it is more important than ever that leaders pursue their craft as never before. It has been said that great leaders just can’t settle for the status quo. They are never really satisfied with static thinking, conventional wisdom, or common performance. In fact, the best leaders are simply uncomfortable with a lack of forward movement. Leadership at its best is all about pursuit – pursuit of excellence, of truth, of that which is better, of the next step, of what if we do it differently, of change, of creating more value, of relationships, of service, of knowledge, and of something bigger than themselves. It is no secret that in the world of leadership pursuit leads to attainment. What a leader pursues will determine the paths he travels, the people he associates with, the character he develops, and ultimately what he achieves. Without a mindset focused on pursuit the leader is ultimately sentenced to a legacy of mediocrity. Great leaders are always great pursuers. Leaders who do not pursue resort to managing Moses is one of the best
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