The Pursuit Of Love Changes People. William Faulkner’S

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The pursuit of love changes people. William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” presents a story of Miss Emily Grierson’ life through the narrator who portrays the collective conscious of the entire town. The town displays a negative view towards her and through that lense, the narrator describes different parts of her life, particularly her love life. The journey through Miss Emily’s love reveals how past experiences can immensely affect the necessity for one’s actions and fulfillment of her desire. The fantasies of both Miss Emily and the town The story takes place in the South, a place known for its racism, sexism, and judgement. Mrs. Emily Grierson’s past plays a significant role as to why the town perceives her as they do. Her past…show more content…
Although Miss Emily received offers for marriage, her father had turned down all the offers even up to the point when she reached the age of thirty. Denying every suitor annoyed the town because it made people think that the Grierson family deemed themselves too highly. Turning down every potential suitor also affects Miss Emily by limiting her growth. Typically, a father cuts off their child in order to help them grow into an independent person so he or she can survive when he passes away. However in this case, by denying every suitor, Miss Emily’s father denies her ability to grow and make choices as an independent adult. By doing so, she is forced to become dependent on her father which prohibits her from making choices freely. Her father played a significant role in creating her murderous state. If he had allowed her to grow and not held such a condescending view of her potential suitors, Miss Emily would have been able to pursue a real love. Her father appeared to have sociopathic tendencies. His lack of moral responsibility to help his daughter strive demonstrates the type of father he was.When her father dies, she refuses to accept this, similar to how an abused child will want go back to their abuser because he or she does not understand anything outside the realm the person he or she depends on. Despite her father restricting her ability to marry and grow as a person, she still wants her father to be alive. Without her father, all Emily

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