The Pursuit Of Meaning By Ravi Zacharias

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The Pursuit of Meaning was a two part presentation given by Ravi Zacharias. In this two part series he discusses the pursuit of the meaning of life and how we get to understand this life. In the opening there was a comment taken from later in the presentation that started off the thinking. The statement was “Cannot have meaning in life until you believe the truth about who you are, who God is, and what man’s destiny is.” Ravi Zacharias stated that there are 4 keys in understanding the meaning of life, a sense of wonder, sense of truth, love, and finally a sense of security.
Mr. Zacharias spent most of the first part of the presentation discussing the sense of wonder. He used his kids as an example throughout this part quite a bit because kids have the most imagination due to the lack of life experiences. They are in such awe of everything that they see, touch, hear, smell, or taste that they are constantly curious about things. The part about his son playing with a helium balloon in the house where he would let it go then jump on the couch to retrieve it then does it outside then tells Ravi he can grab the next time he flies was hysterical. Kids make statements like that all the time that seem pretty foolish but when taken at face value but if you explore how they came to that observation it is really quite astonishing.
During the sense of wonder part he brought up fairy tales, and made some observations about them that I really never considered until he brought it…

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