The Pursuit Of My Life

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In order for me to talk about my undergraduate experience, I first need to tell you of my path getting there. Growing up in a home with a recidivist father and a mother that struggled with drug addiction, in an environment rife with crime, where poverty was ubiquitous, and despair was omnipresent is better imagined than experienced. Yet, my parents were the most encouraging people I have ever known. In retrospect, their words of encouragement barely hit their mark for obvious psychological reasons known as cognitive dissonance. How was I supposed to be successful in the pursuit of my dreams in an environment where nobody was successful in the pursuit of theirs?
I was born in the mid-eighties to an under educated young mother, hence my path seemed laid out for me – the object of an unfortunate albeit stereotypical statistic. My mother’s battle with drug addiction never deterred her from striving hard enough to move us from the women’s shelter to living in the housing projects, and eventually, our own house. Eventually, she conquered addiction, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, a career path she towed, which saw more of her than her children. Leaving the projects did not translate to freedom from the vagaries of a crime-infested neighborhood, and in fact, this inauspicious reality, unfortunate as it is, was the underlying cause of the death of my only brother, 20, who was killed during my senior year.

I attended public school where I was quite active in extracurricular…
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