The Pursuit Of Profit

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Holden Gowan Response Paper #2 I found these articles about the Pursuit of Profit extremely interesting and intriguing. All of the individual articles worked to provide a deeper understanding of how the Renaissance led to a rebirth in economies. This is something that I had not thought a lot about previously. I found the first article by Bendetto Dei interesting because he paints an odd picture of Venice. He continuously mentions the flaws of Venice and why it is not as good as Florence. I saw where he mentioned that Florence had something that was better than anything Venice had, “the trades of wool and silk.” These trades were mentioned in lecture as Professor Cassen talked about the immense importance of wool and silk in Florence. The second article, by Arnold Von Harff, seemed intriguing to me because it mentions the…show more content…
These canals acted as a central part of their economy. In the text, Grafton and Rice mention the idea of industrial capitalism. This economic system can be seen through these two articles. These city-states rely heavily on individual artisans to sell specific goods. This idea of individual artisans helping the economy thrive is also mentioned in the textbook as well as lecture. In lecture, Professor Cassen mentioned that many artists competed during this period; she talked about the fact that many areas also competed throughout what would eventually become Italy. This was
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