The Pursuit Of Social Work : The Importance Of Social Work

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“There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.” (Mary Rose McGeady). A quote that accurately depicts a shared ideology among those in the profession of Social Work. The quote portrays a mutual belief among Social Workers and gives the profession a motivating appeal to the importance of helping others. Even through the tremendous impact the helping profession, Social Work, has had on multiple of groups and individuals, it is been looked down upon by many with the lack of credit attributed which only has led to problems among the profession such as monopoly, lack of education and low pay being ignored.
Social Work is a helping profession that has impacted many in multiple ways but yet its actions are unacknowledged. The unappreciation of the aiding profession has led to numerous of ignored problems within the occupation. Through the pursuit of social justice, the humanitarian profession seeks to improve, as well as change, the standard of life. Not only do welfare workers work with an individual and help them with their internal struggles but also operate with others to review a client’s environment, which includes relationships, family history, work and community environment, and structures or policies to solve the problem or challenge. As well as working with a variety of environments, Social Workers also work with numerous of clients that include individuals, couples, families, groups, neighborhoods, communities, or
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