The Pursuit Of The American Dream

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How does a child from a low income household put an end to the vicious social reproduction cycle he/she has no control over? A higher education cannot guarantee affluence but it does provide an opportunity for growth and economic mobility. College is where people from low income families can break free the social inequality they were born into. The US is a country where people can create something out of nothing. Where people are able to give their children everything they will need to succeed and thrive in college. Which is why the US attracts people from all over the world who are in pursuit of the American Dream. The American Dream, an idea, which states that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination and initiative. The conceptual idea behind the American dream is not what it was 80 years ago. Although "street smarts" are important set of skills to have, academic and communication skills are far superior if one wishes to succeed in this country. Poor and low income families struggle to put their children on the road to success because of the lack of income, and limited the resources they have available or can offered. Which is why underprivileged students should receive additional financial aid and the necessary academic assistance before they reach a college.
Choosing the right schooling is crucial to the students’ development. Parents of higher income have the luxury to send their child to a…
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