The Pursuit of Happyness

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In Pursuit of Happyness With a terrific central performance by Will Smith, this is a well-made, sharply written and ultimately uplifting drama. “In Pursuit of Happyness” is about setting goals and achieving them. It is not about happiness, it is about money. The movie celebrates people who toil for better life by building the perfect career. Chris Gardner is convincing as a man who may have been stripped by his dignity but who still believes in himself. His strong human relationships skills lead him to achieving his goal and starting his career as a broker. “In Pursuit of Hapyness” shows very detailed what the companies are looking for in real life world - individuals with critical thinking, decision making and leadership skills,…show more content…
He has the potential to become much more if he continues to develop. When I was hired at my job, I had to go through training first which lasted two weeks, but it was all paid, even we got the mileage reimbursement. We all had to take many aptitude tests and at the end, there was an exam, which not all of us passed. It was a quite of learning process, filled with hard work and competition. But at the end when a few people were selected and offered a position, the satisfaction could not compare with anything. Destiny is not determined by skin color, socio-economic circumstances, or anything external to one’s beliefs in one’s dream. The only treat to Gardner success was his own potential failure of will For various personal and political reasons, not everyone wants to hear this message. But every parent wants their child to assimilate it, in the hope they will achieve happiness. . Chris Gardner’s success is a result of complex of skills, set goals, and patience. He is smarter than the average; he impresses the recruiter by figuring out the Rubik’s cube, he chases down and clients all over town. Undeterred the fact that he never went to college, he uses his winning combination of charm and persistence to talk his way into the
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