The Pursuit of Meaning Essay

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In the world we live in today, many cultural views have evolved that now define us as human beings. For example, a commonly seen aspect that holds a significant amount of importance in this society is that the more you have, the happier you’re guaranteed to be. This is portrayed everywhere, as people are viewed scrabbling about, trying to pick up the latest fashion, or newest household look. No matter what the cost, citizens of the United States satisfy themselves by feeding their hunger for ‘more’. People are so caught up in what others think of them that they continue to attempt to calm their craving for acceptance through items. Stop and think for a moment. With the passing of Thanksgiving, another holiday comes to follow: Black Friday. …show more content…
Once this happens, the plea for acceptance comes into play, and the flood gates of vulnerability are opened. People want others to like them, and they want to fit in. Yet, while all of this is happening, they are quick to forget the value they once had for themselves, the purpose that once guided their life. When reading an article by Emily Smith on the subject of happiness, a quote read, “4 out of 10 Americans have not discovered a satisfying life purpose. Forty percent either do not think their lives have a clear sense of purpose or are neutral about whether their lives have purpose”. What does this mean? It’s simply this: Americans are taking on life at the completely wrong side of the spectrum. They’re searching for the wrong things. Although to the modern world acceptance might seem like a sort of fame, it does not guarantee happiness to any extent. In fact, by choosing to pursue an unmeasurable aspect of life, people open themselves up for criticism from others; those who already have the ‘perfect life’. They become vulnerable, and they care too much about what people think in their regard. Most importantly, they have become shameful of the life they possess.
Think back to the example previously mentioned, Black Friday. Without a reason to express shame, there would be no Black Friday. People would not be out, throwing themselves at perishable objects, just to get ‘ahead’ in life. Additionally, people also would not

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