The Push For Equality Within The Military

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Introduction/Objective: The push for equality by allowing women to serve in combat positions is not just isolated to a few military branches of service. According to the Department of Defense Secretary Ashton Cater, the push for women to be eligible for all positions in the military is credible, (Commander Call Topics, 2015). Based on the secretary’s recommendation, women will be eligible for all positions to include roles in combat. Senior leaders noted that this will provide a better selection of candidates, therefore increasing the quality of the selection process, (Commander Call Topics, 2015). The Air Force currently has opened over 4000 positions for women, including several that are combat related, (Commander Call Topics, 2015). The leading idea behind gendered neutrality is to improve the military’s position regarding well-qualified personnel in key positions regardless of gender. This integration is supported through equal opportunity for everyone who inspires to serve their country. It has been noted that standards will remain the same, therefore women will need to pass the same requirements as their male counterparts. According to research, several studies were conducted prior to making the decision to open all military positions for women. It was noted that over 200,000 women worked alongside their male counterparts in Afghanistan and Iraq without incident, (Commander Call Topics, 2015). Their performance was noted as, nothing less than outstanding.
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