The Pyramid of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who created the concept of the 5 levels of needs, back in 1943. These 5 levels form a pyramid that is referred to as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. An Individual starts at the bottom of the pyramid, at physical needs, and then promotes him or herself up. Physical needs are the most basic yet vital needs for survival. These include things such as, food, water, shelter, etc. If a person is successful in accomplishing those needs, they can move up onto the next level of needs, known as safety needs. Examples of safety needs include health insurance, safe neighbourhood, as well as a good shelter. Next you move onto social needs. These are needs for belonging, love, and affection. After this, comes esteem needs.…show more content…
This message is made clear through the use of the use of the text and the pictures. By using terms like “seductive fragrance,” the person who designed this ad is trying to create this image that this cologne has the ability to seduce girls. Similarly, the pictures also show that after spraying this on, many girls feel attracted towards this boy. To summarize, this advertisement is basically saying that by wearing this cologne, one can feel socially accepted and can satisfy their need of love and affection. The fourth need, according to Abraham Maslow is esteem. Esteem is the need for appreciation and respect. It's a need to have personal value. Now days, media really influences the thoughts of people. People are starting to become very conscious about the way they look, and this has a huge effect on their esteem. Now days, people are always trying to look like the models they see on TV or in magazines. If you read between the lines, the message that the person making this ad is trying to get through is that, if you wear Sephora make up, you will look and feel like the model in the ad. The person making this ad used pictures and words as a tool to send a message out to the audience. Like I said before, people want to be like the models they see on magazines. After seeing this ad, girls will start feeling a bit self-conscious and will want to look like her. They will

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