The Python Of The Kingdom Animalia

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Topic 1: Context By Selah Green Topic 1A) The Python of the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Reptilia, Order Squamata, Family Phythonidae is vertebrate with several diverse species (spp.) (Banks, 2004). Topic 1B) The Python spp. is classified with Kingdom Animalia because they’re heterotrophs and exhibit motility. The Python spp. descendent from a chordata because they have a spine and backbone developed from the notochord and dorsal nerve cord. The Python spp. is cold blooded species and covered in scales. They have embryos or eggs that are covered by an amniotic membrane. All phylogenetics are consistent with their relationship to lizards around 150 million years ago in the late Jurassic Period (Strauss, 2016). Topic 1C) There are different species of Pythons so their environments vary. The P. molurus bivittatus inhabit Southeast Asia in jungles and grassy marshes (Society, 2014). The P. regius lives in Africa adapting into farmland or grassland savannah. Most Python spp. are native to parts of Asia and Africa (Gorzula, 1997). Some of the Python spp. swim and water features are important to their environment such as the P. bivittatus. Juvenile P. bivittatus spent most of the time inhabiting trees but as adults, they increase in size and weight will shift their habitat to the ground (Society, 2014). P. anchietae inhabits rocks on mountain terrains and plains with shrubs (M.A, 2010). Topic 1D) P. anchietae, P. breitensteini, P. brongersmai, P. curtus and P.

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