The Qing Dynasty And Gupta Empire Women 's Rights

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Christopher Valdez
Period 2A
Qing Dynasty and Gupta Empire Women’s Rights Women’s rights were not the same in all countries during the time of the Qing dynasty and Gupta Empire. How did women’s rights in the Qing dynasty compare to those in of India’s Gupta Empire? Women all around the world were treated differently. Some women were treated better than others but the main focus on this research paper is about the Qing dynasty and Gupta Empire.
The Qing dynasty has historical background as like many other cultures. In 1644 Manchus, better known as the Qing dynasty, conquered the Ming state and established their own Qing or “Pure” dynasty among men lasting over three hundred years ( The rise of the Qing dynasty is provided by the story of a man named Li Zicheng. Li Zicheng was an ironworker who lost his job along many other government paid employees. This occurred because the emperor needed money for more troops in battle to defend Beijing against the attacks the powerful attacks of the Manchus, better known as the Qing dynasty today. By the year of 1630 Li had found a job as a soldier; however, since the government couldn’t pay them and provided them what needed, Li decided to quit. After that Li won the trust of several thousand Chinese revels and lead them into the towns capturing them and added young men into their army. Li and his army won support of more people by making powerful promises of ending imperial abuses. With more support in their side they…
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