The Quadrant Case

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Case: Quadrant Homes Applies Lean Concepts in a Project Environment 1. Consider the three value disciplines described by Treacy and Wiersema. Create a two-by-three table in which you name and describe the three value disciplines in the left column. In the right column, describe what Quadrant does to support each one. Below the table, write a few sentences in which you take a position regarding which value discipline best describes Quadrant’s highest priority. Defend your reasoning. Value Disciplines Quadrant Operational Excellence  Redesign of internal processes and home designs to move from build-to-stock to build-to-order based on customer preferences from buyer survey and real estate sales data.  Focus was to reduce cost,…show more content…
Two risks to Quadrant’s business model in the future are the following: A) A fall-out in the housing market, which would affect most builders, would especially effect Quadrant because of its even flow six-homes-per-day construction model. With a drought of buyers, there would many fewer inputs to the process which would have a ripple effect throughout the entire system. B) Growth of the company will require a strategic organization that maintains lean-driven efficiencies. Instead of stretching the system vertically and adding layers of hierarchy, the company should stretch horizontally by creating a semi-decentralized cell-type structure in each geographic area it operates to ensure local sourcing, efficiency and close relationships with contractors. C) The trend of the value-driven customer segment that continually wants increasing degrees of customization options for the home may exceed the lean system capabilities and offerings of Quadrant. D) The continued success of Quadrant-built communities will saturate and commoditize the market with similarly-styled homes and neighborhoods and will ultimately turn-off consumers who seek more uniqueness. 4. Would Quadrant’s approach work in a country or region outside of the U.S.? Select a country or region with which you are familiar and explain your reasoning. The Quadrant approach would not work in the Dominican Republic because there is very high income disparity (i.e. marginal
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