The Qualitative Methodology Of Research Essay

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The qualitative methodology of this research can be considered appropriate, as the researchers have explained about the participants subjective experiences throughout the article in different sections such as data collection and analysis, experience of healthcare and effects of the illness, experience of spiritual needs and variation over the course of the illness, spiritual help/support, developing spiritual support guidelines and services, conclusions and implications for the nurse managers.
The research design seemed appropriate to address the aims of the research as sampling, data collection and analysis was carried out on the basis of qualitative research method.
Although the researcher fails to clearly state which type of sampling was used in the research, however from observation it has been assumed that purposive sampling was used which was considered appropriate for this type of study. Purposive sampling is the type of sampling where participants are usually recruited to a study because of their exposure to or their experience of the phenomenon in question, which tends to ensure richness in the data, gathered (Borbasi and Jackson 2012, p.135). The researcher has not been able to give reason behind some participants not taking part as out of 26 patients accepting the information about the study 17 agreed to participate. One died before the first interview leaving with a sample of 16 patients, which can be considered appropriate sample size as qualitative samples are
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